Lightways (lightways) wrote,


April 13th is my last day of work where I currently am. We have hired my replacement and she officially starts on April 2nd. That gives me 2 weeks to train her. While I'm not unhappy here, I'm looking forward to the new adventures that await us when we move.

The last week in February, I updated my resume on Monster very quickly with my current work info. I got a few hits, but nothing I'd be interested in taking. But yesterday, I took the time to REALLY update my resume. It turns out that I missed a few things that I should have updated, like saying I want to work in a different county. I also update my resume with our new PO Box, so that seems to have helped. I've gotten 2 e-mail replies about my resume since the update. Both are agencies/head hunters, but it's a start.

Today, I also did some more intense searching and found a few jobs I would definitely be interested in and applied to them.

I'm feeling good that I'll have a new job by early May that will bring in more income that I'm currently getting.
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