Lightways (lightways) wrote,

Moving Update

This weekend, we started our search for our new place to live. We didn't find a lot that we really liked. Some that we could live with but we would need to give something up to make it work.

HOWEVER, we did find a place that we like. It's a place we can see us living in long-term, but there is a small problem... The townhouse is currently for sale.

It's been on the market for quite a while and it's at the point where the owners can't really afford to keep it empty much longer. SO the realtor has said that if it doesn't sell soon, they will be leasing it out and we are at the top of the list to take it. (They posted it for leasing on the 15th.)

SO... please send us housing energy. We really want this place and our plan B options are just ok... not great. (Our best option is a sublease where we would be moving again in October.)
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