April 13th, 2007



On Monday, Joel called Verizon to schedule service for our new place and to stop service on our current place. Both to take place on 4/19. On Monday afternoon, I tried to call home and got "The number you have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service". After over an hour on the phone with them Monday night, we got it turned back on at 6:30pm.

Yesterday when Joel got home, he found out they turned off the DSL. When I left this morning, he was one the phone with them to get them to turn it back on, but said it wouldn't be for a week... AFTER we have moved. (He was waiting for a supervisor when I left.)

WHEEE!!! It's too bad that Verizon is the only carrier for the area. Although at this point, we might go with cable modem and internet phone.