April 9th, 2007


ICCAs... (mini-rant)

There were problems at the semifinal show. Nothing as HUGE as last years, but because of them, I may not be producing next year. (I'm still in limbo.)

In addition to that, I still haven't gotten PAID for ANY of my shows. This above all, makes me question if I want to do this again next year. I haven't gotten paid for doing the shows OR, more importantly, for the expenses.

THANK GOODNESS I cashed out my 401K for a previous employer. If I didn't we wouldn't have had the money for the deposits on our new place, let alone anything else.

Of course now that I write this, I realize that it is entirely possible that my check is sitting at the new PO Box since I gave them that address to use for stuff after 4/4. Please reafirm, in your own way, that the check is just waiting for us there. With Friday being my last day, we could really use having more than $150 for food in our bank account until April 30th.