On Monday, Joel called Verizon to schedule service for our new place and to stop service on our current place. Both to take place on 4/19. On Monday afternoon, I tried to call home and got "The number you have reached has been disconnected or is no longer in service". After over an hour on the phone with them Monday night, we got it turned back on at 6:30pm.

Yesterday when Joel got home, he found out they turned off the DSL. When I left this morning, he was one the phone with them to get them to turn it back on, but said it wouldn't be for a week... AFTER we have moved. (He was waiting for a supervisor when I left.)

WHEEE!!! It's too bad that Verizon is the only carrier for the area. Although at this point, we might go with cable modem and internet phone.

ICCAs... (mini-rant)

There were problems at the semifinal show. Nothing as HUGE as last years, but because of them, I may not be producing next year. (I'm still in limbo.)

In addition to that, I still haven't gotten PAID for ANY of my shows. This above all, makes me question if I want to do this again next year. I haven't gotten paid for doing the shows OR, more importantly, for the expenses.

THANK GOODNESS I cashed out my 401K for a previous employer. If I didn't we wouldn't have had the money for the deposits on our new place, let alone anything else.

Of course now that I write this, I realize that it is entirely possible that my check is sitting at the new PO Box since I gave them that address to use for stuff after 4/4. Please reafirm, in your own way, that the check is just waiting for us there. With Friday being my last day, we could really use having more than $150 for food in our bank account until April 30th.

Homeless No More!!!

YEA!!! We got the place we looked at last Thursday.

3 bedroom, 1 Bath, HOUSE about 2 blocks from Old Town Camarillo.


That just leave finding a job on the list... Today's interview will go well. (Damn It!!!)
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Moving Update

We looked at a place yesterday that we really like. It's a three bedroom, 1 bath home with a one car detached garage. It's a huge lot, but the house is rather small. Very doable for our lives right now and should definitely take us through to the set-up of his practice.

The owners had problems with their last tenants and it's been empty since last June. Because of these problems, they are being picky about who they are going to rent to. Others have applied, but there is only 1 applicant they are willing to rent to as of yesterday afternoon.

Realistically, we are a bit risky. Half of our income is coming from loans while Joel is in school. AND because we are moving 80 miles away, 1.5 hours away according to, I'll be looking for a new job. (BTW - Job prospects are really good with more $$.) But we are also moving so we can build ties to the community for his practice, so the last thing we want is to cause trouble.

So now we just wait and see what they decide.


It turns out the the owners of the place we want are keeping it on the market through April. Since we have to move between April 16-27th, we won't be moving into that place.

Knowing that we need to work on "plan b", I did a search for other places yesterday and a found a few more to check out.

So we will be up early on Saturday. WHEE!!!!


The place we want to rent, lowered their sale price by an other $10k. They are DEFINITELY trying to sell it. Still not sure that it will help though.

If the market was better, the place would definitely be flippable. It probably needs $20k worth of work and it would be worth $50k+ more. But as it is... it's more of a rental and I don't know that many people are buying property to rent out right now.

Now, the owners just need to rent it to us now, so we can buy it from them in the future. It makes total sense to me. :)


April 13th is my last day of work where I currently am. We have hired my replacement and she officially starts on April 2nd. That gives me 2 weeks to train her. While I'm not unhappy here, I'm looking forward to the new adventures that await us when we move.

The last week in February, I updated my resume on Monster very quickly with my current work info. I got a few hits, but nothing I'd be interested in taking. But yesterday, I took the time to REALLY update my resume. It turns out that I missed a few things that I should have updated, like saying I want to work in a different county. I also update my resume with our new PO Box, so that seems to have helped. I've gotten 2 e-mail replies about my resume since the update. Both are agencies/head hunters, but it's a start.

Today, I also did some more intense searching and found a few jobs I would definitely be interested in and applied to them.

I'm feeling good that I'll have a new job by early May that will bring in more income that I'm currently getting.

Moving Update

This weekend, we started our search for our new place to live. We didn't find a lot that we really liked. Some that we could live with but we would need to give something up to make it work.

HOWEVER, we did find a place that we like. It's a place we can see us living in long-term, but there is a small problem... The townhouse is currently for sale.

It's been on the market for quite a while and it's at the point where the owners can't really afford to keep it empty much longer. SO the realtor has said that if it doesn't sell soon, they will be leasing it out and we are at the top of the list to take it. (They posted it for leasing on the 15th.)

SO... please send us housing energy. We really want this place and our plan B options are just ok... not great. (Our best option is a sublease where we would be moving again in October.)

Table Time?

I'm very glad that I have table time tonight and tomorrow night... I have LOTS of fuel to use.

Saturday had a number of really HIGH points, but there is a BIG low point to it. (Yes, I'm being cryptic on purpose.) At this point, I still don't know all the consequences of it. Although at this point, I'm ready to "Bless and Release" the situation. (If only the others involved would do the same.)

An other low point of the weekend happened on Sunday when I managed to fall down 2 stairs and tweak some muscles in my foot.

Sadly, the emotional pain is out hurting the physical. (Maybe I'm not quite ready to release.)